Moringa Oleifera: Does it Cure Lupus?

All human beings yearn for living a healthy life. Therefore, immunity against external viruses and disease-causing bacteria is essential for a healthy body. However, due to some auto immune disorders, your body’s natural defense system works against your own body and start to attack your own body organs rather than fighting against the foreign substances and bacteria. Lupus is one of the auto immune disorders that attack the tissues causing rashes and extreme pain due to inflammation and swelling in tissues. The common symptoms of lupus include

• Mild to extreme fatigue depending on the condition and severity of lupus.
• Joint and muscle pain, which is why, many people suffering from lupus are also diagnosed for arthritis.
• Skin problems such as butterfly rashes over the face and flaky red spots all over the body.
• Swelling in body especially hands and feet.
• Low grade fever for a long time.
• Weight loss
• Hair loss or bald patches
• Anxiety and depression

However, lupus can take a more severe form and may also result in kidney failure, heart diseases, lung problems, nervous system disorders, inflammation of blood vessels etc. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the lupus in the beginning and cure the disease before it becomes severe.Before moving to the treatment and cure, it is important to know about the various factors that cause lupus.

• Genetic makeup of a person may lead to auto immune disorders like lupus. Some infants are born with lupus, although the likelihood of neonatal lupus is very less.
• Exposure to sunlight mayinduce the disease
• Smoking may also trigger the lupus.
• Some viral infections such as CMV and Hepatitis-C infections are responsible for lupus.
• Exposure to harsh chemicals can cause lupus
• Certain medications may also trigger as well as aggravate lupus.

Lupus may be caused due to many reasons, but it is a lifelong disease which requires proper care and treatment.

Treatment of Lupus

The medications are given only for controlling the symptoms such as pain, skin conditions etc., but not for treating the lupus. Only a balanced diet and good nutrition can treat the symptoms of lupus in a natural way and reduce the patient’s stress. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants can help fight inflammation of tissues. Any amount of increase in cholesterol levels can cause more inflammation. Therefore, it is advisable to control fats. Moringa Oleifera, a miracle plant from countries like India has been known for its medicinal uses. The leaves and seeds of this plant are rich in antioxidants and their consumption can reduce the bad cholesterols.